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Ready To Pass is the key to your NCLEX® success. Our prep courses are designed to help you integrate the knowledge that you have acquired in nursing school. In these courses you will learn how to use what you already know. You will develop your critical thinking skills and turn your knowledge into a powerful toolset.

Rhonda Savain was very honest with me and I appreciated that! The tutoring session was amazing! I will definitely be taking the advice she gave me and scheduling another tutoring session soon!

Brigyth Estaba


The instructors are excellent; the way they present the material through the methods are highly effective teaching and learning.

Theophilus Wilson


So much great information, lots of strategies, and boosted confidence with answering questions. Ms Savain and Gordon were amazing!

RTP Customer


Very satisfied. I came in very nervous and not very confident, especially as a repeat tester. Now I am confident and have more clarity on my errors with testing.

RTP Customer


I can truly say that you and the book from Ready to pass is excellent. It helped me to pass my exam. I only studied that text book. I have studied the complete book twice. I am highly recommending that book. I am referring all my friends to ready to pass. Thank you



Ready to pass is the best review course I ever enrolled in. In just five days they covered all the necessary material and a great learning atmosphere with an exceptional book which was easy to read and understand. Rhonda & Derrice were amazing teachers and also helped boost my confidence. I highly recommend all nursing students to take this class.



Hello! I just wanted to thank you all for everything. I passed my test in 80 questions. The class definitely helped me pass!



You guys were awesome with the content review. Each topic was discussed in detail as to what the NCLEX® asked us. I just wish we had more time to spend on pharmacology.



I am happy to inform you that I passed the NCLEX® RN Exam. I received your gift and thank you for the gift. Ready to pass class helped me a lot. The key points you explained in the class and the textbook and online questions. I will try to guide my friends and my relatives.



Ready to pass outlined the information in an understandable manner. The book was well-prepared and Derrice Gordon relayed the material in a comprehensible way. Thank you Ready To Pass!



I wanted to take a moment to congratulate the both of you for a wonderful NCLEX®-RN Review Lecture that I attended on April 13, 2015 thru April 16, 2015 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Edison, NJ. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me until you see me succeed. I took the Board on Friday July 17th, 2015 at 2:00Pm, at the Pearson Professional Centers-Lyndhurst, NJ. I was able to answer all the questions that I was getting. Very confident and calm. Thanks a million for the superb review that helped me tremendously. I’m sincerely grateful for all your help. Thank you so much, and God Bless.



Ready to pass gave the extra confidence I needed to pass the NCLEX® exam. The content that was presented in the book was very easy to understand. The information allowed me to understand content in a way that I was not able to before. I found the course to be tremendously helpful. Overall it renewed my confidence. I was especially happy with how the content was presented. I could never thank ready to pass enough.



Ready to pass did not only give me the knowledge content, but it gave me the confidence I needed to pass the NCLEX®. The ready to pass text was the only reference that I turned to for studying and it was extremely beneficial. I highly recommend ready to pass to any future RN or LPN.



Thank you very much Rhonda and Derrice. Your book was very helpful and the information and the way you reviewed in class were excellent also. The way you went over material that I thought was not important and with your help I saw all my weakness. Thank you again.



Hi, I just want to say Thank you for all of your help. I failed the NCLEX®-RN twice. It was so hard to find motivation to retake it a third time. Being in your class (July 2015-Long Island) I meet some individuals who had stories of their own that inspired me. With that inspiration and your amazing review course I am able to say that I am officially a New York State Registered Nurse.
Thank you again for all of your help. Please continue to do what you do. Ready to Pass is a great resource for the NCLEX®-RN exam.
All the best



Good Morning! I attended the Aug28- Sep02 review class and I am proud to tell you that i passed my NCLEX® and now I am a License Registered Nurse!
I am a foreign graduate nurse and its been 8years since I graduated with my Bachelors in Nursing. I have never worked as a nurse nor continue studying after that. In other words, its been a very long time that I have been away from my profession. I didn’t follow the 30day rule because I didn’t feel prepared (confidence wise) and wanted more time to go over the book and questionnaire again. I took the NCLEX® last October 30 (my birthday). The computer stopped at 116 questions. I was there for 2.5 hours.
Today, i just saw my name on the Maryland Board of Nursing website with a license number and active status.
Thank you so much Ms. Savain and Ms. Gordon for being a tool to help me reach my goals. Its been a pleasure attending the class. I pray that you continue to help more people realize their dreams. To you and your whole staff, I am forever grateful.
Very Respectfully



Dear Derrice and Rhonda! I was so happy when I passed this exam from the first attempt. Your book and preparation for this exam were so helpful that I felt confident sitting in front of the computer during this exam. Questions were not easy, but I used all your essential tools. Otherwise I followed your instructions when I prepared for this hard exam. Thank you so much for your teaching. You both are the best.



Hello Ladies, I enrolled in your review class after graduating in May. I attended the week of June 9th-12th 2015 class. I took your advice and scheduled the exam within a month of attending the review class and I passed!!! I am overjoyed and so excited about the great news that I had to email you guys and let you hear it too! Imagine my surprise? I passed on the first try! I know you had mentioned you would like to hear from the people who took the exam. Here is what I think.
I believe your review class made us more than ready to pass…no pun intended. The content review and tools you offer were all valuable resources. I felt better equipped with the books you provided rather than going through and trying to sort out what to study on my own. The information you gave us was concise and clear. It narrowed down the areas to focus in on without overwhelming us. So many people said to take the Ready to Pass class over any other review class out there. These people had taken your class too. They swore by you guys and they were absolutely right.
I cannot thank you enough; for putting this book together, for your very informative classes, for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us, and for working tirelessly to make sure we were ready to pass. A million thanks for all you ladies do. I would like you to know your efforts are so greatly appreciated.
Thanks again



I sat for my boards in early September, I was extremely nervous. I made it to 75 questions and was so upset it shut off because I thought the questions were too easy indicating that I probably didn’t pass. On the other side of things it was so easy because of the course, and the tools they gave me to take my boards successfully without second-guessing myself. A majority of my test was select all that apply, and all I can say is this course made my experience incredibly easy. Thanks Ready To Pass!



I took your review class during the end of February and took my NCLEX® on March 27, 2015. Sorry it took a few weeks to get back to you, but I wanted to inform you that I PASSED!!! Your review helped me so much! Before I took your class, I failed the NCLEX® twice both with 75 questions. After the review I followed your instructions on how to study for the exam (focus more on the content than questions). I felt confident walking in to my testing center, but once again it stopped on 75. The last few questions I had did not seem like I was doing well so I was prepared to see the word “fail” again. When the unofficial results came in and saw the word “pass” I was in shock. I had to continuously look at the screen to make sure my eyes were right. Anyways, thank you so so much!!!


Ready to pass was an amazing educational experience that was exactly what I needed to prepare me to pass the NCLEX® exam.



I’m writing to you to express my sincere appreciation for all the helpful tips and tricks I needed to know to help me pass my PN boards. I don’t think you remember me, but I took your “Ready To Pass” classes at Curtis HS. Before I even began with your classes, I didn’t even know where to begin studying, and was overwhelmed with the content that I needed to study. But with your classes, you broke it down to the essential parts, and helped me feel more confident in myself. (Thank you for those mnemonics, they really did help me during my test!) Now, I can finally say that I passed my boards and can now jump start my nursing career as a LPN and eventually go onto my RN, and you’re one of the people I have to thank for that! Sincerely



Dear ready to pass team. Words cannot begin to describe how Ready To Pass has helped me pass my NCLEX® RN exam. I have taken the exam many times before I started to feel like giving up, until a friend told me to try Ready to pass. I live in the Bronx and I was determined to make it to the review class in New Jersey. The class was worth the travel distance. After completing the class I studied daily for three hours until I was finally ready for my exam. On the day of the exam I was so nervous. The computer shut off at 75 questions. The hard work paid off. Thank you ready to pass. Now I’m working at AHRC NYC as an RN.



To whom it may concern: This is to inform you that your program (Ready to Pass) has help me reach my goal. I graduated since May 17 2012, that was 3 years ago. I tried all the NCLEX® review courses there is: Kaplan, ATI, Pearson and so on. You name it I took it. I took the NCLEX® 9x with out any success. I was tired and financial drained. I was at verge of considering another major. My breakthrough came when one of my friends encourage me to try Ready to pass, she said before you close the door on your dreams Ready to Pass should be your last stop, so I promise to give it a shot. I am glad I did. I register for the course and came with a positive attitude and an open mind, the review was very rewarding. The instructors were excellent. I only study from the too books that were given during the course. The books are rich with everything you need to know to Succeed. What I love the most about the books is that they were very simple to read. I am proud to say that Ready to Pass is one of the best name in the business. Again thanks a million to the instructors, especially Ms Gumbs-savain. I wouldn’t have done it without the Ready to Pass team.



If only someone had let me know about ready to pass sooner, I would have enrolled in the course long ago. After failing the exam Ready To Pass was able to get me the materials needed to pass the exam. You ladies are a force to be reckoned with and your passion and enthusiasm to help students succeed is admirable. Thank you.



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