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Comprehensive Online NCLEX® Review

Learn beyond what any book can teach you. Think like a nurse with Ready to Pass. We are a program designed to help you pass the NCLEX®. Unlike other test-taking prep programs, our content is led by experienced nurses who grow you through lessons learned in real-life nursing.
You have the knowledge—get to the next level through the experience and guidance of veteran nurses. While many programs help you become a better test-taker, our goal is to help you pass the NCLEX® by becoming a better nurse. Through practical methods, Ready to Pass is a nursing test prep program designed to prime your approach and transform your future, setting you up for success.

  • Think like a nurse, not a test-taker
  • Multisensory approach for personalized learning
  • Apply real-life nursing situations

Do Great on the Exam, Excel in Your Career

Are you ready to pass? Prepare for the NCLEX® exam by thinking like an experienced nurse. Our instructors are here to help prepare you for a great start to your nursing career.Study with Ready to Pass to launch a rewarding career beyond test day.

Led by Experienced Nurses

With experience dating back over 30 years, our program is responsible for helping tens of thousands aspiring nurses to pass the NCLEX®. Led by Rhonda Gumbs-Savain and Derrice Gordon, our instructors have decades of experience and are passionate about helping upcoming nurses to be in a position to succeed in their career—ready to care for others and take part in saving lives. As authors of 101 Essential Questions for the RN-to-Be!, our team is dedicated to helping soon-to-be LPNs and RNs succeed in their next chapter in life.

How Ready to Pass Can Help You

Don’t approach the NCLEX® like a test-taker; approach it like an veteran nurse. With a passion for equipping upcoming nurses, Ready to Pass was founded by knowledgeable nurses. Experience is the best teacher, and we help you to prepare for the NCLEX® by making our years on the job readily accessible so you can take the exam with the approach of a tenured nurse.

Classroom and Online Learning Options Available

Whether through one-on-one tutoring, in-person classes, or virtual sessions, Ready to Pass has a variety of options. Everyone has a unique learning style, which is why we offer our program in different formats. Learn fundamental nursing concepts in a way that’s convenient for you and conducive to your learning style. Through a proven approach, our instructors are passionate about building up upcoming nurses by offering interactive and personalized teaching methods to best prepare you for your future.

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Decades of experience in one leadership team

NCLEX® is just the beginning of your nursing journey. Ready to Pass is a test prep program that will not only set you up for success for this exam but will also set you up for success in your nursing career. Applying real-life experiences, our unique approach will teach you how to evaluate duty-related scenarios quickly and recognize important signs that help you make informed decisions. With Ready to Pass, build the skills you need for a successful career, not just a great test day.