In-Depth NCLEX® Test Prep

Our master’s prepared instructors are passionate about helping students get the training they need to do well on the NCLEX®. Making our content as accessible as possible, we offer webinar training online. This virtual classroom option uses video chatting software so you’re learning from our live instructor. Through interactive and engaging teaching methods, our webinar training online NCLEX® prep courses offer an in-depth curriculum with a personalized touch to give you the best experience for your unique learning style. Take your next step today, think like an experienced nurse, and approach the NCLEX® with excellence

  • Live online classes
  • Convenient schedule options
  • Master’s prepared instructors

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Live Online NCLEX® Prep Courses

Our webinar training online program utilizes video chat software where you’ll be in a class and interacting with a live instructor and other students. This approach simulates a classroom environment, allowing you the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the class in a way that other online options don’t offer.

Think Like an Experienced Nurse

With over 30 years of experience, our master’s prepared instructors want to help you succeed. Rather than focusing on broad test-taking concepts, our curriculum is meshed with hands-on perceptions from our experienced instructors, helping you gain insight that only veteran nurses would be able to provide. Learning concepts at Ready to Pass that you wouldn’t learn anywhere else, approach the NCLEX® like an experienced nurse and get a great start to your career.

Engage and Participate

Virtual Classroom Setting

Enjoy the benefits of an in-person class wherever you are. Our webinar training online program offers a live, in-depth look at the course material. As a student, you’ll have the opportunity during these live classes to ask questions in real time. Our master’s prepared instructors will use interactive and engaging teaching concepts to help the class best understand and retain the material. Additionally, you’ll be in a virtual classroom with a group of your peers. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and learn from like-minded nurses-to-be who are, like you, prepping for the NCLEX®.

Enroll Today

Ready to Pass is excited to offer webinar options, making our course content widely accessible with the same classroom feel as our in-person gatherings. Learn from a live, master’s prepared instructor while in the comfort of your home. You and your peers will learn practical and real-life concepts not found in many textbooks. Ready to prepare your mentality and transform your future? Ready to Pass is here to help, just like we’ve done with thousands of successful students over many years.

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