One-on-One NCLEX ® Prep Tutoring

Needing tutoring means you have goals and have set a high standard for yourself; we admire that and are here to help. In addition to our NCLEX® prep courses, Ready to Pass offers one-on-one tutoring sessions to help you excel. We want to see you succeed in the exam and your career, so we’ve made ourselves available for tutoring to help you gain a deeper understanding of our NCLEX® prep course content. Led by the same master’s prepared RN instructors who teach our courses, Ready to Pass’ tutoring services help students learn valuable insight in an individualized way.

  • Cover topic of your choice
  • Via phone, Skype, or Zoom
  • Led by master’s prepared RN instructors
  • View the schedule below, or contact for requesting custom hours

Disclaimer: All sessions must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. Cancellations must be done 24 hours or more before the start of your session to receive a refund. Lateness – There is a 10 minute grace period to connect with your tutor. No refunds will be issued if you are more than 10 minutes late for your tutoring session. If you have any issues scheduling your session, please contact

Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring

You Choose the Topics

We work hard to keep our curriculum up-to-date and packed with valuable information that will help you as you prepare for the NCLEX®. That said, you may want to take a deeper look into a specific topic to understand it to its fullest. With one-on-one tutoring, you pick the curriculum. Whatever NCLEX® prep topic you want to work on, our tutors are here to support you. Fully grasp and understand each concept taught in the Ready to Learn program through our tutoring services.

Knowledgeable Tutors

Since these sessions are led by the same instructors who teach our courses, have confidence knowing your tutor is a master’s prepared RN instructor who has years of experience.Through tutoring sessions, you’ll have opportunities to ask questions and interact with the tutor in a one-on-one environment, gaining information that isn’t found in textbooks. With our instructors’ hands-on experience in the field, we’re able to offer insight that will help you think like a veteran nurse—this not only will help you prep for the NCLEX®, but it will help you excel throughout your studies and career.

Personal Touch

Everyone has a different learning style, and our tutors will take the time to learn yours. We’ll find the best way to communicate these concepts to you, helping you strive and get ready for the NCLEX® in a way that suits you. We love connecting with students and helping them to realize concepts that will help them as they prepare for the NCLEX® and will stay with them through the course of their nursing career.

Contact us today by calling us or by filling out the contact form on our website. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.