Interactive Online NCLEX® Prep Classes

Ready to Pass offers live streaming NCLEX® prep classes. You may not be able to join us for our in-person classes, but you can still benefit from so much value through our live streaming classes. See other students, engage in a live chat, and have the opportunity to ask questions with our live streaming classes. This is a dynamic, virtual option with a multisensory approach, utilizing games and other interactive elements to best help you understand and retain the content taught. Led by experienced nurses, our instructors love teaching upcoming nurses on this platform—it’s convenient for many, effective, and a fun way to share this information. We want to help you cultivate success, so join us for our NCLEX® live streaming test prep courses.

  • Taught by experienced nurses
  • Study content and practice questions included
  • Live chat

Online Test Prep Courses with a Personal Touch

Unlike YouTube videos or on demand options, our live streaming NCLEX® prep classes offer a personalized touch so you can get the most out of these courses and pass the exam. Ask questions and interact with the class just like you would during an in-person session. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about helping you understand the material so you can excel on the NCLEX® and get a great start to your nursing school career.


  • Multisensory interaction, including games.
  • RTP Study Manual (mailed).
  • RTP 101 Essential Questions Book (mailed).
  • 30-day access to Q-bank LPN (1,100-plus practice questions) or RN (2,000-plus practice questions), including all NCLEX® practice questions formats.Access granted after course completion.(Optional)

Live Chat

We want our students to make the most of this opportunity. That’s why we offer a live chat during our live streaming online NCLEX® test prep courses. Leading an interactive class, our instructors encourage students to use this feature to ask questions and to participate in the class. We offer this to help you get the most out of the course—staying engaged and going over content in a way that best helps you understand and retain it. Even if the class is taught virtually, live chat lets you get connected and get the most value out of your time, prepping you for success on the NCLEX®.

Prep for the NCLEX® in a Unique Way

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Approach the NCLEX® like an experienced nurse with Ready to Pass. With over 30 years of experience, our veteran instructors bring decades of hands-on knowledge to each course, teaching you information that you won’t find in any book or study guide. Going beyond test-taking strategies and exam content, our live streaming courses have helped thousands of students find success in the NCLEX®. Make a difference in your NCLEX® approach with Ready to Pass.

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