In-Person and Satellite Classroom NCLEX® Test Prep

As an aspiring nurse, you know the value of face-to-face interactions. Ready to Pass offers in-person classroom NCLEX® test prep courses to help you approach the exam with the mentality of an experienced nurse. Our motivated instructors are veteran nurses who have a passion for equipping upcoming nurses, helping them succeed in this very important step. Jumpstart your nursing school career with personalized and practical NCLEX® test prep courses.

  • Our in-person courses are held in New York, New Jersey, or *wherever you are, so enroll today! (*Contact us for availability)
  • Day and night schedules available
  • Personalized experiences for best results
  • In-person or satellite classroom options

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Personalized, In-Depth NCLEX® Prep Classes

Our NCLEX®prep courses provide in-depth coverage of topics in all the major content areas tested on the NCLEX®. While we teach test-taking strategies and tips, we also want to offer a solution, helping you to put your knowledge to work. Our courses focus on applying fundamental nursing concepts so you can approach the NCLEX® like an experienced nurse.

Dedicated Instructors

Our program has been helpful in the success of countless nurses. Built on experienced and motivated teachers who give every student individual attention, our NCLEX®prep courses offer a unique approach to help students understand and retain information. With over 30 years of experience, our instructors are committed to helping upcoming nurses succeed by helping them in one of their first steps: prep for the NCLEX®. Students who have gone through our program tell us again and again that our approach helped them understand what the test required to score well.

Satellite Classroom

New York location only

If our in-person classes fill up, don’t worry! You can still gain valuable information through our satellite options, which take place at the same time and in the same building as the main classroom. Led by our qualified and experienced instructors, our satellite classroom option is a unique concept, offering a real-time video of a lecture with many of the same benefits as the in-person option. Students still have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the instructor; although these opportunities due to logistical reasons happen during breaks, this is still a great option to gain that irreplaceable face-to-face experience.

Set Yourself Up for Success

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Put yourself in a position to pass and to start nursing school on the right foot. Led by experienced instructors with a rich background in nursing, Ready to Pass is an NCLEX® test prep course that helps you think like an experienced nurse. Get a personalized learning experience through our in-person classroom courses. Through a dynamic, multi-sensory approach, build confidence and knowledge as you prep for this exam. Ready to pass? Enroll for our in-person New York and New Jersey courses now!

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