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Don’t approach the NCLEX® like a test-taker; approach it like an veteran nurse. With a passion for equipping upcoming nurses, Ready to Pass was founded by knowledgeable nurses. Experience is the best teacher, and we help you to prepare for the NCLEX® by making our years on the job readily accessible so you can take the exam with the approach of a tenured nurse.

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  • A passion for equipping nurses-to-be
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Merge Your Knowledge with the Mindset of an Experienced Nurse

Ready to Pass is an NCLEX® test prep program that helps nurses-to-be pass while also setting them up for a great career in nursing. Our experienced instructors use real-life applications to help students think like a nurse, approaching the exam with the thought process of a veteran nurse. With a commitment to our profession and the nursing field, we are passionate about raising upcoming nurses to be in a position to best serve others as we’re called to do.

Ready to Pass’ Mission

  • To increase the number of licensed nurses in the workforce thereby improving overall work experience and patient care at every level.
  • To support and mentor nursing students throughout their nursing education and licensing process.
  • To offer high quality innovative and creative teaching strategies.
  • To help foreign-trained nurses, repeat test-takers and first-time test-takers improve their reading skills and acquire more effective test-taking techniques to ensure success.

Rhonda Gumbs-Savain, MSN, BSN, RN Certified Teacher

Rhonda Gumbs-Savain is the President and Founder of Ready to Pass Inc., which prepares nurses for their state licensure exam in nursing. Rhonda is a master’s degree prepared RN who started her nursing career as an LPN graduate from Hillcrest High School LPN program in Queens, New York, in 1987. Savain received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Downstate Medical Center (SUNY HSCB) in Brooklyn in 1991, and her master’s degree in Nursing Administration from Adelphi University in 1999. Ms. Savain is also a Teacher of Practical Nursing and Health certified by the New York State Education Department and New York City. She was nominated for Teacher of the Year in April 1999.
As a product of a city high school nursing program, Ms. Savain realized at an early age the need to train and inspire other upcoming nurses. After serving as a hospital corpsman in the United States Naval Reserve, she worked as an RN for six years and two years respectively at two major New York City hospitals. She was an instrumental instructor at Hillcrest High School’s LPN program where she was responsible for assisting with curriculum revision and development. During this time, Hillcrest maintained the highest NCLEX® passing rate of any New York City high school LPN programs. She has taught as an Assistant Professor of Nursing for associate degree and baccalaureate prepared RNs. Her experience includes classroom as well as in the clinical setting in New York and Georgia.

In 2003, Ms. Savain was the visionary that implemented an NCLEX® review program to assist foreign nurses, repeat test-takers, and new graduate nurses to be successful on the State Board of Nursing licensing exam in all 50 states and over 400 countries. Ready to Pass now offers online courses to meet the needs of students who cannot physically attend the live class. Ms. Savain is also a founder and former director of curriculum and student development at Transitions Career Institute School of Nursing.

Derrice Gordon MSN, BSN, RN, FNP

Derrice Gordon,Vice President and Co-Founder of Ready to Pass Inc., is a master’s prepared RN with many years of clinical experience. Ms. Gordon began her nursing career in a high school LPN program. She then received her BSN from SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University and her master’s from the same university. She has been a Nurse since 1985.
Ms. Gordon prides herself in the provision of high-quality care to her clients and places equal importance on teaching students to become professional and proficient entry-level nurses in the healthcare continuum. Mrs. Gordon served as Assistant Head Nurse on a busy medical-surgical unit for eight years. Through her entrepreneurial spirit, she seized an opportunity to engage in the training and enhancement of the nursing student in preparation for passing the NCLEX® examination in order to not only to help the student pass the exam on their first attempt, but also to help failing schools increase their initial pass rates to remain viable businesses. She is also a Family Nurse Practitioner.
Since the inception of her company, which she co-owns, she has been responsible for salvaging several nursing schools in various states from closing and is directly responsible for over 10,000 students passing the NCLEX® exam. Mrs. Gordon is also a Founder and the Director of Nursing at Transitions Career Institute School of Nursing in Flushing, Queens.

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